Monthly Archives: March 2010

The Race: GG IV. Once in a Lifetime!

It is probably not uncommon for many a field biologist to question himself about life choices he has made—like when he faces college tuitions, buying a new car… shouldn’t I have “gone for the bucks?,” the American Dream?” and so on. And then you get a 24 hour period like the one we just experienced, […]

The Race: GG IV An Educational Interlude

So we are back on Principe, Sao Tome’s older (31 million years) but smaller brother. It is as idyllic and wild as we remember. It is also very hot and humid. Just Tom, Jim and me; Roberta is still working on our educational proposal back on Sao Tome. This appears to include lunches at the […]

The Race: GG IV– The Second Week

OK, first an update on our special “questing beasts”: last weekend after Roberta Ayres, our education officer, finally arrived, we had a traditional Sao Tome dinner at Nova Moca, a former plantation high on the eastern slopes of the mountain. This is where Ricardo Lima lives, our graduate student colleague who first brought my attention […]

The Race: We Begin GG IV

The first week on any expedition is usually the toughest. Our education specialist, Roberta Ayres, was told in the States that she did not need a visa because she is a Brazilian citizen (still!)—like Humphrey Bogart in Casa Blanca, she was misinformed! She had to spend this last week in Lisbon, while I and the […]